Dragonfly Enterprises - Pam Thomason  ~  Custom CD/DVD Mfg, Printing & Packaging
CD & DVD Replication
I offer CD and DVD replication for orders of 1000 or more.  This process is called "molding" or "pressing" and uses your CD-R or DVD-R to make a "stamper".  The discs are injection-molded and then silk-screened or off-set printed using your supplied artwork.
CD-R & DVD-R Express
This is ideal for quantities under 500 or fast turn around. The process is often used as an interim alternative to replication.  I am able to duplicate the discs and imprint them with your supplied artwork right here in my office. 
Printing and Packaging
I offer a full range of custom and standard packaging options used in the CD and DVD industry including jewel cases, Amaray-style DVD cases, Digipaks and printing services for all coordinated inserts and materials.
Your order is shipped to your designated location via UPS or local carrier.  Individual fulfillment services are available on request.
Checklist for Ordering
Please take a moment to review my checklist.  This will help you prepare the items necessary for me to process your order.  If you have questions or need help with any part of the process, please call me at 661.222.9829.  I'll be happy to guide you every step of the way.
1.  Prepare your master
Please supply a finished and approved copy of your master CD or DVD.
2.  Choose your packaging
3.  Prepare the packaging art files
Be sure to request the appropriate templates required for your packaging.
4.  Protect your copyrights
Dragonfly Enterprises participates in the International Recording Media Association's (IRMA) Anti-Piracy Compliance Program, which protects copyright owners from unauthorized reproduction of their property.  You MUST submit a completed Intellectual Property Rights form with each new title.
5.  Prepare the required forms
For fast and easy ordering, it's important that you submit these forms with your order.
Resale Tax Form (if applicable)
6.  Place your order
Call me at 661.222.9829 or email to pamthomason@gmail.com and I will review the checklist with you and get started as soon as I have all the components for your project. 
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